Yes, we went to Idaho...
Yes, we wore stupid hats...,
At Thanksgiving 2002, John, Celita, Janice and I went to Wyoming to visit David and
Leslye, their boys, their wonderful neighbors and friends, and some folks we've never seen
Finally, here's our required photo in "the chair"...
As you might expect, Janice was a favorite of the friendly locals.

The night after these pictures were taken, Paul and Lisa
Vogelheim (right) were in a terrible car wreck. Our thoughts
are with them as they begin a long process of healing.
Sad to say, this is how we remember Leslye...

In the kitchen, while David, the boys and the rest of us were out in this snow having fun..
...and yes, we spent a lot of
time smiling and laughing
about nothing in particular.