Why are you here?

My favorite movies of  2000, 2001 and 2002 were, respectively,  the re-release of
The Exorcist, The Majestic and Lilo and Stitch.

                  WHAT THE HECK DO I KNOW?!!!

Simply put, I know what I like.  The following is not a listing of the "best" movies of the year.  Only the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and
Politics could be so presumptuous.  It's a listing of the top ten movies that I saw and liked in 2003.  And here's something really shocking....

Picking my favorite ten movies wasn't at all difficult this year.   I didn't even have to scramble too much to find ten movies that I even liked.

The list of movies I liked was long, and it included really good movies like
A Mighty Wind, Finding Nemo, Ghosts of the Abyss, Matchstick Men
and Something's Gotta Give
--which didn't make the top ten of favorites.  

This year, I've dispensed with the ten worst list.  I think I've trained myself to avoid movies that I'm pretty sure are stinkers.  Therefore, you'll
have go elsewhere to find out whether
Gigli was worse than From Justin to Kelly.  For my part, all I can say that the only times I begrudge
wasting in a theater this year were
Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle and Kill Bill, Volume 1. (It may be possible that they were the same movie.  
That Lucy Liu really gets around.

Anyway, here's the list of the favorites...

 Pirates of the Caribbean:  Curse of the Black Pearl.  Lots a fun, and Johnny Depp was terrific.

Lost in Translation Bill Murray has certainly been different, but he's never been better.

In America   Who thought people still made movies that depicted America as a good place?  I'm sure that the "real" critics will hate it.

Under the Tuscan Sun I saw this movie when it came out on my 50th birthday, and the moral ("Where you are is who you are") really
hit home.

Shattered Glass Hayden Christiansen plays Steven Glass, disgraced reporter for the New Republic (although not so disgraced that he
didn't get a six-figure advance for his memoir).  It may be the first honest and non-mythologizing look at journalistic ethics ever.

Concert for George Harrison that is.  If you think YOU'RE getting old, have you seen Ringo Starr and Tom Petty lately?  George Harrison's
son, who is a spitting image of the old man as he was in the 60's, was on stage throughout.  It was an eerie experience.

 Pieces of April  So who knew that a movie with Patricia Clarkson and Sean Hayes would make you think about  the true meaning of
Thanksgiving?  Or that any movie  could?  Katie Holmes rocks.

Dirty Pretty Things Ditto Audrey Tatou.  I kept thinking (oddly enough) that Ayn Rand while would love this movie.    In it--like her
books--things keep getting worse and worse until the end when something so improbable happens that you want to laugh sigh with relief at
the same time.

Master and Commander: Far Side of the World TWO movies about guys on sailing ships with colons in the titles?  That's got to be a
record.  And colons might well have been the only body part NOT on display in the brutal and realistic look at war as it was waged at the dawn
of the 19th Century.

                    A documentary?
                    About the National Spelling Bee?
                    That was first shown on ESPN?
                     In 2002?
                    Are you Kidding me?

No!  It's got love, money, heartbreak,  and a guy who paid off an entire village in India to pray for his son to win the Spelling Bee.   You tell me
who the real Master and Commander is!