Through the years, during seminars, a favored Emergenetics
activity has been "Sing for Your Supper," in which WETeams
(Whole Emergenetics Teams) create and perform a song in less
than half an hour.  The following songs seem to be appropriate for
the holidays.  I hope you enjoy them.


Rows of sums, we just love them!
Pictograms?  We're above them!
The total's enough
It's wonderful stuff--
Working in a blue/green wonderland!

Abstract thought won't mislead us.
Concrete thoughts don't impede us.
A sight for sore eyes:
Stuff to analyze
Working in a blue/green wonderland!

In our office, we just love to tally
Information either large or small,
We don't have the time to dilly-dally,
We live to hear that analytic call!

Red/yellow folks can't outshine us!
Figures zoom!  Plus or minus?
Its great to be green/blue
If that's right for you
Working in a blue/green wonderland.


Rudolph, the red/yellow reindeer
Looked at life a bit askew.
Not just the same old outlook,
Rudolph's views were always new!

All of the other reindeer
Liked to keep things all the same
When they discussed ideas
They never brought up Rudolph's name!

One day at a staff meeting
Santa lodged complaints.
"I'm fed up! I've had enough!
Rudolph, do your conceptual stuff!"

Then how the reindeer praised him!
(Though they still worked concretely)
"Rudolph, the red/yellow reindeer,
Love that conceptuality!"


You better use files!
You better stay neat!
Don't shove things in piles
Or we'll give you heat!
The structurals are coming to town!

For guidelines we care
We look up all facts.
We've data to spare,
Sit back and relax:
The organized are coming to town!

We'll know if you are faking,
The rules from A to Z
It's quite an undertaking
But we'll do it faithfully ... SO

To do a good job
And make yourself proud
Please don't be a slob
For crying out loud
The structurals are coming to town!

(to the tune of "Frosty the Snowman")

We're so expressive
And we always get our way
We're the center of attention at
Each holiday soiree

Loud, lusty laughter
Is our calling card to you
But step aside or we might collide
And you'll end up black and blue.

We're extroverted in a group
And seldom on our own
We talk (and talk and talk and talk)
To make our presence known.

We're so expressive
And we bring good cheer to you
So join in our song and before too long
You can be a 3/3 expressive too!
What is it?  Well, if you have to ask...
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