News from Jackson Hole
Much like nuclear fusion or the career of Paula Abdul,
we  always knew that it was possible for Leslye to live to be 50--
we just never thought we'd see it.  But shockingly, it happened.

Seventy of Leslye's Fan Club members from such improbable places as
Wilson and Atlanta gathered at the beautiful home of Mike and
Stephanie Brennan.  As you can see, the day was stunning, and the
view from the Brennans' back yard was spectacular.  It just needed a
little something--like an Airstream decorated with Christmas
lights--and 70 people in their best trashy regalia  to push it over the top.
The guests were similarly festooned.
(I HAD to include this picture.  In an effort to stay out of Leslye's path, Janice and I went to church at the Chapel of the Transfiguration in Grand
Teton National Park on Sunday morning.  As it happened, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor was also in attendance.
She was very gracious about consenting to be photographed.  (Thanks, Janice.)
...and a good time was had by all.

Thanks to Stephanie, Heidi, David, Janice and everyone who made it so
special--especially Leslye!
...and I think I might have had a few too many.
I don't really remember the names of some of the guests
(even though they seemed to be wearing nametags.).
The honoree made her entrance on the back of
an ATV, wearing her best leopard stole.
Leslye was doing fine...
...until Cameron got up to play fiddle with Shelly and Kelly.  
Then she decided that she might not after all abandon her
oldest son in a strange city over a disagreement
from earlier in the day.
Everyone had a few mojitos...
Stephanie built the altar and Heidi baked her greatest cake EVER...
The guests were impressively festooned...