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(Anne Isch, Later Years)
This picture from high school is my
mother's favorite picture of herself.
My mother's birth certificate says that she was born on Christmas Day, 1924, in El Dorado, Arkansas.  She's
always insisted that she wasn't delivered until after midnight, and that the doctor made a mistake.  Her
actual birthdate is December 26th.  In any event, she was certainly an adorably cute baby.
I'm sorry to day that Anne's
elementary school pictures don't show
her at her best.
She was much cuter in high school.  I call the photo at left is from her "Judy Garland"

She looks great  in the two photos at left below, and in the photo a right, she looks like a
movie star as she walks across the high school campus with a friend.
It was as true in the early 1940's as it is today.  When it snows in
the South, the cameras come out.  Here, Mom (far left) is sitting
in the snow (!) in front of Wolff Brothers store in McGehee,

She's seated next to her sister, Mary Elizabeth.
My mother says that it was so hot at her August wedding in McGehee that the
candles in the church melted.
They look happy--but you'd think something was
unusual when your husband-to-be says he wants to go to
Gatlinburg for the honeymoon.
Before they had children, my parents had horses.  I want to say they're
names are Snoopy and Prickly Pete, but I think that's from a Seinfeld
This is about the time my mother stopped liking have her picture taken.  Sorry it's not
This is probably the first picture of my mother after she moved to
Mississippi.  She's in the backyard of the house where we lived
during our first year in Batesville.
Anne worked until she was 80.

Her first job in Batesville was running the business
office for the phone company.  The office was on the
Square where the Polk accounting firm is now.

Every year, she won an award for having the best
office in the Tupelo region.  The same two guys
showed up every year to give her yet another plaque.  
(As you can see from the names on the picture at far
left, their names were Tom Baily and John Adams.)

When the phone company closed the Batesville office
(and all the other ones, as well), Mom took a number
of part-time jobs before going to work at Western
Auto, where she was a bookkeeper until her
retirement in 2004.

On of those jobs was serving as Batesville's Welcome
Wagon hostess (left).
In her late 80's, Anne was starting to
lose her memory, so she sat down and
tried to remember what she could
about Kappa Alpha Theta, her high
school sorority.
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