Martha Anne Matthews Isch--
Later Years
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I think this is my favorite
photo of Anne in later life.
With Vince Fulginiti, dean of the Tulane School of Medicine
on a visit to New Orleans in the early 1990's.
Chaperoning a junior high school dance in the mid-1960's.
From left:  Mrs. Flint, Mrs. Marshall, Mrs. Houston, Mrs. Stone,
Mrs. Drake, Mrs. Egbert, Mrs. Vinson, Mrs. Garner, Anne.
In the early 80's, Anne went to New York to see some shows with her
bridge club.  This group includes Kay Kay Smith, Kay Hasseltine, Lou
Savage, Anne Trusty and Mom at far right.   I'm not really sure who the
lady in the purple dress is.  If you do,  let me know.
Anne at a family reunion in Baton
Rouge at Thanksgiving, 1986.   At
left, four generations.  At right: with
Michele and Ralph in the kitchen.  
Apparently, she's handy around the
Below left:  Anne is STILL trying to
be handy at a party by helping Leslye
with something at Cameron's birthday
party in 1999.  Below, same trip.  Left
to right: David Hardie, Matt, Tyler
Lovelace, Meghan, some random
Wyoming child, Lachlan and Leslye
Hardie, Anne, Houston Graves
holding Cameron Hardie.
Bottom left:  With Paul Vogelheim in
Jackson Hole.
Mom started traveling in the 1990's.  At left (above and below), she's mugging with her best
friend, Marion Shackeroff, in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Above: She seems to adopt the attitude that if you've seen one glacier, you've seen them
all.   She seems happier to bask in the sun than to revel in the wonders of Glacier Bay,
Visiting Matt in New Orleans, 1997.
Until she turned 80 in 2004, Christmas meant an Open House on Christmas
night.  During the busiest years, she says she cooked for 100.  (In reality, there
were seldom more than 75, but they did eat a lot.)  In the early 2000's, the
Presleys came for a visit one Christmas.  At left:  Matt, Anne, Drew Presley,
Pennye Presley, Mary Presley, Arralee Presley, John and Carolyn Nespoli.

Below:  Next to the tree with Matt in a picture that was taken on a time-delay.
In the early 1990's, Anne, Nick and Matt went to Germany,
Austria and Switzerland.  Here, Anne and Nick are admiring the
Hofbrau in Vienna.
In 2000, Anne and Matt took a cruise from New York to Halifax
and back on the Queen Elizabeth 2.  Above:  Anne is on deck with
Matt and Kay and Kay Kay, who had come to New York to see
some shows with us before we got on the ship.

Top Right:   The QE2 is fairly picky about when and where you
eat dinner.  Each night we had dinner with these four nice
people.  The man at left is Ed Croke, who was at the time the
head of public relations for the New York Giants.  The guy from
New Jersey on the right was also taking his mom on a trip.  We
had a lot in common.

At left, we're at dinner on the QE 2.  (Same jacket; different tie.)

Below, we're in Anne's stateroom before departing New York.
In 2004, Anne celebrated her 80th birthday in Batesville with
80 of her closest friends and family members.   Above:  Anne
with her sister Arralee, Eleanor Pitt and Sue Pitt.

In 2010,  Anne celebrated her 86th birthday at home.  Her
friends hired this guy to come sing
Deep Purple to her.  (In
case you're wondering,
Deep Purple was the theme song of
her high school sorority.)