James Arthur Nichols Isch, Jr.
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Nick Isch, Childhood
Maybe I'm wrong, but I always think of my father as a tragic figure.   I'd like to think he loved my mom at some
point.  I can't prove that he ever loved me, and I'm reasonably certain that my brother would say the same.  To make a
long story short: He just wasn't cut out for family life, and lots of the time, he wasn't much interested in work, either.

I like the photo at left, because he's in college, and his life is ahead of him.
The two photos at left are the earliest pictures of my father that I can find.  In the
top photo, he's styling long blond hair (kind of a surprise) hair while supervising his
younger brother Bill in the chair.

Below, Bill and my dad pose with their parents, Arthur Sr. and Agnes (Mubo) on
the front steps of their house in McGehee, Arkansas.
In these two photos, my father poses at right with his brother Bill at far left and two other kids who
look like trouble.  (Most people in McGehee called my father "Junior" because he was named after
his dad. Eventually, he came to be called Nunu because his little brother Bill had a speech
impediment and couldn't pronounce "Junior."   For similar reasons, my grandmother morphed from
"Mother" to "Mubo.")

At left, Nunu and Bill are now at the front of their house on South Second Street in McGehee.
Above and left:  High school photos.  Bottom left:  His first year of college at
Arkansas A&M.   He played football for the Boll Weevils, who played all their
games on the road.

In the bottom left picture, he's posed under some icicles during a rare snow in
McGehee.   (BTW, even kids in the South know you're not supposed to do
In 1942, he left college after one year to join what eventually became the Army Air Corps.  Above:  This
is the list of the ribbons and medals he one in the service.  At left, he's wearing a leather jacket that I
still wear to this day.

Bottom left:  He apparently had a desk job....

Below:  ...that left him plenty of time for relaxation to play baseball and pose for goofy pictures to send
August 17, 1946:  On the best day of his life.
Above:  This picture might not look like much to you, but in reality, it's the only
picture that my father ever took with either of his children.   To be fair, we were
never big on photos in our family, and in most instances, he was the one taking
the picture.   Until I started putting this page together, I had lived for about 58
years without realizing that I hand no photos of myself with my father.  I still
can't find one of him with Nick.

At left, he's early in his professional life as a salesman for the Linniker Meat
Packing Company in McGehee.

Below left, twenty years later as a life insurance salesman in Batesville.

Below:  The way I remember him.  Usually lying on the couch at night and
watching television.
This is the 1940 McGehee Owls football team.  Nunu is third from left
on the second row.  His brother Billy is at far left on the first row