Aunts, Uncles,  Cousins
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(Martha Anne Matthews Isch- Early Years)
Thanksgiving 1986.  First Row:  Brian Spears, Jimmy Spears, Michael
Shopfer.  Second Row:  Kathryn Schopfer, Mary Matthews.  Third
Row:  Carlton Spears, Pennye Presley, Chuck Dodds, Charles Dodds,
Mary Elizabeth Spears, Spears, Eleanor Dodds, Patricia Spears, Donnie
Spears, Anne Isch, Bob Spears, Michele Isch holding Meghan Isch,
Arralee Presley, Nick Isch, Joe Presley Ralph Spears, Patricia
Schopfer, David Presley, Tim Bratton, Shelby Anne Bratton.
I think that Kayo Dottley was about
as famous a person as ever lived in
McGehee, Arkansas.  If you're asking
yourself who Kayo Dottley is, well
that's my point.   Kayo lived two doors
down from my grandparents and their
four daughters, "the Matthews
girls."    He once told me that the
high school boys in McGehee would
meet at his house before school in the
morning, and they'd wait for my
mother and ther three sisters to leave
their house and walk to school with

In order of age, the Matthews girls
were Mary Elizabeth (silver dress at
left and seated with friends at right,
Anne Isch (blue dress, Eleanor Dodds
(pink dress on right), and Arralee
Presley (brown dress.)
El Dorado, 1959.  Left to right: Sue Dodds, Chuck Dodds, Shelby Anne Dodds, Pennye
Presley (on blanket), Drew Presley, Matt Isch, Nick Isch.
Baton Rouge, 1961:  Nick Isch, Matt Isch, Drew Presley, Pennye Presley
El Dorado, 1966:  Left to right:  Anne Isch, Shelby Anne Dodds, Eleanor Dodds.
Perdido Key, 1969.  Left  Arralee Presley, Eleanor Dodds.  Right:  Mary Elizabeth Spears.
Baton Rouge, 1981.  Left to right; Matt Isch, Pennye Presley, Governor Dave Treen, Georgia Brown
Christmas in Batesville, circa 2000.  Left
to right:  Matt Isch, Anne Isch, Drew
Presley, Pennye Presley, Mary Presley,
Arralee Presley, John Nespoli, Carolyn
At left:  Anne Isch and Eleanor Dodds at McGehee High School Reunion.
Anne Isch, Michele Isch, Ralph Spears
Sacramento, 2009.  Patricia Spears, Bob Spears, Nick Isch
Betty Anne Mahony
Betty Anne and Jodie Mahony
Meanwhile, on the other side of the family, I don't have a lot of photos of my Uncle Bill.  The
photo below (with my long-haired father) is the oldest photo I have of either of them.