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Sometimes, I look at pictures of myself and think, "Who is THAT?"  That's pretty much the case with
the top photo from the fourth or fifth grade.  Dig the keen shirt!
By the time I got to the seventh grade, I was sporting the bemused look (if not the glasses in the pocket)
that I continue to sport today.
By the time I got to the eighth grade, I'd acquired blond hair--AND my second favorite shirt of all time.  I know it
looks like something from the marked down bin at Wal-Mart, but I loved that shirt.
That Christmas, my mom made a scarf for me.  Living in Mississippi, my concept of how to wear a scarf seem to be
somewhat flawed.
By the time I got to the eighth grade, Rush O'Keefe had moved to Shreveport.  During the summer, I went for a
visit, and while we were there, I went with him and his mom on a visit to relatives in San Angelo, Texas.  While we
were there, we made a trip to the Mexican border town of Del Rio.  It was my first international trip!
Unfortunately, no one told me that EVERYBODY hates high school.  I thought it was just me.   One of my high school
activities was the Junior Classical League, or the Latin Club.  Ave!   At left is a group photo of one of our banquets in
the high school cafeteria.  (I wish this could have been a better picture.  The guy holding the shield and sword is Jim
Greenlee, who is now retired as the U.S. Attorney for Northern Mississippi.  The guy on the floor is Buffa Maddox,
who is now a psychiatrist in Jackson.   There's got to be some kind of message there.
The Junior Classical League also had state conventions.  At left, I'm with Carol Anne Stone and
Jim McIngvale in togas at the Ramada Inn in Jackson.  This explains so much.
At Christmas, we "hosted" dances at the country club.
(I shudder thinking about the girls towering over the boys.)
This is my high school yearbook picture.   I have nothing to say.
My parents dropped me off at college on a Sunday.  On Monday, I went to the post office and rented my post
office box.  When I went to the box to be sure the key fit, there was already a letter from my mother in the
box, telling me to get a haircut.   In this fraternity composite photo, the hair was longer and the bow tie was
bigger, but not much else has changed.
In college, I drank...
...and drank....
...and drank (this time at my first Mardi Gras)...
...and eventually ended up in the dumpster.
Washing Dottye Lou Langhofer's car with Rusty Bothe.  (This was the only
time my picture made the school newspaper.)
I've been in eight different weddings.  This one (Jim McIngvale's) was the only one that sent me
photos.  My favorite wedding was the one in which I wore a brown tuxedo and orange shirt.
It was the 70's.  What can I say.
This photo was on the last page.  It's here because it's my only picture of my first car, a 1969
Volkswagen.  In a decision that regretted immediately, it would eventually be painted red...by
me...with a paintbrush.