Meghan Anne Isch Wilmoth
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My niece, Meghan Anne Isch, was born
in Sacramento in September 1986.

The high school graduation picture at
left is my favorite picture of her.

Shortly after she was born, her parents
"brought her east" to meet the family
at Thanksgiving in Baton Rouge.  At
right, Meghan is surrounded by three
generations of ancestors, her mom
Michele, her grandmother Anne, and
great-grandmother Mary Matthews.
Meghan's youth was
well-documented.  Here....
...in her McDonald tartan kilt phase....
...and horse phase.  Alas, as time moved on, mucking stables
lost its glamour and she moved on to her swimming phase.

At right are three cute photos of her exhibiting an
unfortunate taste in hats.  In the middle picture, she's
holding Oblio, widely-rumored to be the world's most-spoiled
In 1996, Meghan, her parents, her
grandmother and her Uncle Matt took
a cruise to Alaska.
I'd like to think this was taken at a school play.
In 1997, Meghan met her Uncle Matt, grandmother and grandmother's friend Marion
Shackeroff for a visit to Jackson Hole and Sun Valley. Top left:  float trip on the Snake
River with Grand Teton in background.  Top right: At the Spud Drive-In in Driggs, Idaho.  
Middle Left:  At the Great Falls of Yellowstone National Park.  Top right:  With family and
friends at Nora's Restaurant in Wilson, Wyoming.  Left:  Above Ketchum, Idaho.
Visiting the family plot in the cemetery in McGehee, Arkansas.
One lucky day, she met her future husband, Michael Wilmoth, at left with Meghan and Michele.
They were married in July, 2009, in Sacramento.  The photos at left were on display at their reception.
They're now in the process of living happily ever after....