James Arthur Nichols Isch III
(Call me Nick)
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Such a cute kid.  Makes you wonder what happened to him later on.

This is my favorite photo of Nick, taken shortly after the family moved to
Mississippi.  (I assume the "B" on his cap stands for Batesville.)
Well, doctor, he looked like a happy baby.
He was also cute in his tyke-hood in
Arkansas, before the family moved to
Mississippi, when he was nine.

At right, he's in some sort of
ill-considered Thanksgiving tableaux
with two friends in McGehee.  
With his adorable younger brother in his last photo in Arkansas in 1958.
He looks so normal here, with Matt and Anne in Easter finery.  
(Also at left, in his church confirmation photo.)
This is the only picture I could find of him from his
one-year college career at Mississippi State.  He's actually
holding a book, so we know the photo was posed.
Fast forward eighteen years.  Seriously, he was gone for eighteen years.

Eventually, he turned up again.  Here we are at Thanksgiving 1986 at Oak
Alley Plantation.
After he turned up again, he had a
lovely wife, Michele, and an adorable
daughter, Meghan--and an
odd-looking but adorable dog named

I wouldn't swear to it, but I think
the photo at right was taken at
In the mid-1990's, Nick went with his
mom and Matt on a vacation in
Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  
In typical Isch family unity, Nick's
favorite part was Grindelwald in
Switzerland, Matt's was Vienna, and
Anne's was Salzburg.  Here, Nick and
Anne at the Hofbrau in Vienna.
Nick with family in San Francisco, 1993...
...and at Graceland Too in Holly Springs, Mississippi.
At his mother's 80th birthday party in 2004...
...and with his cousins Ralph and Tricia Spears at Meghan's wedding in 2009.  
(More about that on the next page.  Stay tuned.)