The World's Greatest Dog
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(Meghan Anne Isch Wilmoth)
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Let me guess.  You have the cutest, smartest, most
talented dog in the world.  Right?  No.  You're wrong.

I had the cutest, smartest most talented dog in the
world.  Her name was Schatzie.  She wasn't cute and
smart in the William Wegman sense of posing
Weimaraners oddly (right).  She was cute and smart in
the sense that an entire town--black and white--adored

She was born in New Orleans in the fall of 1962 at the
home of my Great Uncle Albert on State Street.  Uncle
Albert gave the puppy to my parents when they went to
the 1963 Sugar Bowl.

She was a dog who liked her routine.  After walking me
to elementary school,
she's go the Batesville Chamber of Commerce office to
serve as Batesville's honorary mayor.  After lunch,
she'd visit my mom's office at the telephone company
before coming back to school to meet me after school at
3:00 and walk me home.   We spent the rest of the
afternoon playing in the ditch.

Left:  Saying hi to Carolyn Vinson after church one
Sunday night.  (My father is lying on the couch and
Bonanza in the background.
OK, so maybe I DID pose her for odd photos every
now and again.  Probably where Wegman got the
There was definitely a time in life when she was my
best friend.  There may have been times when I
thought she was my only friend.   If that's the case, I
had really good taste in friends.