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My Dad --
James Arthur Nichols Isch, Jr.
My Mom --
Martha Anne Isch
The Early Years
Anne Isch
The Later Years
My Brother Nick
My Niece--
Meghan Anne Isch Wilmoth,
and her husband, Michael
World's Greatest Dog
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Matt, Age 36-50
Matt, Age 51-Present
Baton Rouge
July 2012

Welcome to my life in pictures.

When I was setting up the "Recipes" page of, people seemed
please to have all the recipes I've associated with my family in one place.  It was
good to have one place to look for recipes for Grandmother's green enchiladas,
my mothers rolls and candies, and even my instructions for frying turkeys and
boiling shrimp.

At the time, someone said, "It sure would be nice if we had something similar for
the family pictures--one place where anybody could find pictures of members of
the family."

My response at the time was, "Sure."  It was only later that the process of sifting
through over a thousand pictures, selecting 300 or so, scanning them, editing
and restoring them, resizing them, uploading them and setting them on pages.  
It's not hard, it's just time-consuming.

But anyway.   You're now looking at Phase I.  Like the recipe, travel, movie and
book pages at, this section will never be a finished product.  It will
be continuously updated--and that's where you come in.

Whenever you find a photo of someone in the family that you think should be
here, let me know, and I'll be happy to add it.

Meanwhile, enjoy these pages.  It's not much of a life--but it's mine.
NOTE:  Because there are so many pictures on these pages and I didn't want you to have to wait
forever for them to load, I've made them all rather small.  If you'd like to have a denser, more
"pixilated" version of any of these photos, shoot me an email, and I'll get it out to you.
Anne Isch
High School Sorority Diary