After leaving Gobo his maps and the only copy of his book, "History of the Universe, Part 1", Traveling Matt
                                          Fraggle left Fraggle Rock to explore Outer Space.  It took him no time at all to make his first discovery--the world
                                          "out there" is inhabited primarily by Silly Creatures, multi-sized, two-legged beings with bizarre habits.  
                                          For instance, by holding an upside-down bowl  on a stick, these creatures can make water pour from the sky.
                                          They also entertain themselves by watching flat Silly Creatures who live in a box; they feed round, shiny
                                          objects to the Pavement Creatures who are rooted in the ground; and they unquestioningly obey magic
                                          Beast with Three Eyes--one red, one yellow and one green.

  Uncle Matt records his discoveries on postcards which he sends back to his nephew Gobo.  Gobo considers these cards to be scientific
  documents.  His friends, particularly Red, consider them to be hooey.  Nevertheless, Matt feels he is doing Fraggledom a great service, and
  he will continue to do so until he can find a way back home.
Well, you may not know it to look at me, but I get around.  In fact, I'm proud to say that not only have I been to all 82 counties in
Mississippi, all 64 parishes in Louisiana and all 50 states, I've now been to all seven continents.

I've reported on my travels to some of those places.  Some not.  If you're interested, Click below.
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